Quality Investment

New wall systems periodically appear on the construction scene. All seem to boast economy, speed and durability. But all too often, years down the road (sometimes sooner than later), comes the sad realization that the new systems just haven’t lived up to the claims.

But with all masonry walls and a quality mason contractor, you get exactly what you specify and buy – time tested construction. There is no need to worry if the system will work the way you expected. During construction, you work with proven methods of flashing, weepholes, expansion joints, ties and anchors.

After construction, all masonry exterior walls and partitions provide enclosure that saves energy and maintenance. With closed-cell rigid insulation used in cavity walls, R-values of the walls, from R-11 to R-23, can be achieved. Also, masonry’s “mass” moderates heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer.

No system can claim lower maintenance costs. Masonry is a naturally fire-resistant material. It won’t burn, melt, or give off dangerous toxic fumes. A school board member that insists on masonry cavity walls is making a quality investment in education and the local community.